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Askamaya Hotel


  • Video Creation

  • Video Promotion on Social Media Platform

Helping Askamaya Hotel Brand Their New Services Through Video and Promotion

Askamaya Hotel and Suites is a Luxurious Hotel located in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. Askamaya has been known for its excellent customer service and a fun place to be.

Askamaya Hotel is one of the exclusive hotels in which almost all popular artist has visited. TENI The Entertainer (Popular Artists) had to make a popular song regarding "Askamaya"


Askamaya Hotel and Suites added new exclusive services such as a luxurious Restaurant, Lounge, Rooms, Salon, and redesigned their Gym House. Since we are handling their social media accounts, they decided to pitch to us their idea of a video to showcase their new subsidiaries (services) in a very compelling way.


Just as we were briefed. We decided to look at ways to present the video to users in a very compelling and quick way. One way we did so was to make sure we passed the information in a short time frame due to the way users consume contents online.


Therefore, we decided that there would be a video covering all services (subsidiaries) in FULL Details and then a 1 Minutes Video that would be used to promote Askamaya Hotel's services as quickly as possible while passing the information.

Askamaya Hotel's new services are of TOP Notch and we wanted users to perceive that also in the video. So, we decided to make the video as clear and detailed as possible and also taking a drone view of the hotel itself. We also took high-quality pictures and they were taken at very good angles to display the exclusiveness of each service.

We also planned on how to promote the video once the services were launched and operating. The aim of the promotion was to create "AWARENESS" for the new brand


We ran the awareness promotion through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

OUR RESULTS (Some Pictures Below)

  • Over 1 Million Reach on all Social Platforms

  • Positive Reviews from Users

  • Friends tagging other Friends and People sharing the Video

  • People coming to patronize the services (Before Covid19)


NB: We decided to pause the campaign at some point due to the Pandemic (Covid-19) which required businesses to close down


Below is the 1 Minutes Video we created and Screenshots from the Campaign

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