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Connect Inc


  • Graphics Design Creation

  • Social Media Management

Helping Connect Inc Manage Their Social Media Accounts Through Content Creation

Connect is a social media app that connects people to other people, businesses, activities etc. Connect uses the swipe left or right technology to allow users explore their interest by gaining various connections daily with different people around the world based on social circles like sports, music, gaming fashion etc.


This app is the first of its kind as it allows people to socially connect with other people from a distance.


Connect Inc a social media app that allows users to connect with people around the world daily; Connect Inc engaged us TAGET Media with the objective of managing their social media accounts with creation of content


Once we were briefed on the Goals/Objectives to be carried out for the brand, the first step we took was to perform some research and then create a flexible monthly content calendar that would guide us with content creation considering the brands goal.

We understood the brand is a Social Media App which is based on various social circles (sections) like sports, music, gaming, fashion etc. where users can engage on and connect with others based on preference. We therefore ensured we created contents that resonate with each circle and can stare up engagement on both the App and the social media channels. We also considered holidays that relates or resonate with one or more of the social circle and created content towards that.

OUR RESULTS (Some Pictures Below)

  • Bespoke Content Creation - Graphics Designs

  • Monthly Social Media Mangement

Our Content Creation (Graphics Designs)

Have a view of some of our content designs created for Connect Inc for their various social media accounts

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