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Ready to Create MAGIC?


TAGET Media is a music production company in Lagos specializing in studio recording and quality music production.

As a music production company in Nigeria, our aim is to create quality production for your music. We have top producers who create top productions, so regardless of the genre of music you play, we would take an objective, creative and professional approach to make it sound ‘world-class’.

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Our Music Recording Studio Services


Get recording for your existing beat in our studio


Full Stem Professional Mixing and Mastering


Full Production includes - Beat Production, Recording, and Mixing & Mastering

Your No 1. Music Producer in Nigeria

Our Music Studio Production Process

We offer a full production service that includes recording, mixing, and mastering. We would take your song(s) from the early demo stage to the "radio-ready" final release helping you creatively every step of the way.

How Does Our Music Production Work?

In order to process a successful and creative music production project, we undergo three major steps to achieve our final result. Our music production applies also to Gospel music studio production.

Our 3 Process involves:

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Beat Making.png
Beat Making

Finding Your Tune

It all starts with the beats... Our beat creative process involves understanding your creative tune and establishing the sound and dishing it out in a very creative and trending manner.

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Bringing Your Tune to Life

World-class recording. Get your next project completed by our team with state-of-the-art audio equipment! Once the creative beats are all set, the next stage is the recording stage. 

Mixing and Mastering

Making Final Adjustment

Mastering is the final stage in the music production process and it's what gives your songs that final polish so they are ready for the wider world. We would create a final master that translates well across all listening platforms. Our final mix will make your music sound great whether it's on a top-of-range HiFi system or cheap and cheerful smartphone earphones.

Ready to Bring Your Music to Life?

Your No.1 Music Producer in Nigeria

As music producers in Lagos, Nigeria, we offer top industry standard services with a recording studio. We work with artists to ensure the quality of the sound recording is one that is industry standard and appealing to the minds of the listeners.


Every project we work on has a unique story to tell and every artist and songwriter has their own vision. Our goal is to help bring that sound you have in your head and bring that vision of yours to life.

Best Recording Studio Session in Lagos, Nigeria

World class recording, professional mixing, and radio-ready mastering. Elevate your recordings to the next level! We're more than an Afrobeat Studio. We work with all genres including Gospel, Pop, and R&B!

Our producers are also Gospel producers in Lagos, Nigeria who have worked with various Gospel artists and can elevate your recordings to the next level through recording sessions.

Ready to Bring Your Music to Life?


Music Video Promotion in Nigeria - TAGET Media

Music Promotion

Once you are done with your recording studio session with our music producers, the next step is to make fans listen to that beautiful music of yours.

As a top music promotion company in Lagos, Nigeria. We ensure your music gets heard by your fans using tailored made strategy to reach those fans

But we don't end there! As a music production company in Nigeria, we also offer music video promotion services and music promotion services. Our promotional services are all geared toward pushing your music to the limelight


As a music promotion company in Lagos, our music promotion services range from Online Promotion, TV Promotion, YouTube Promotion, Social Media Promotion & Influencer Promotion for your Music.

Ready to Create MAGIC?

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