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10 Best Sales and Marketing Blogs That Can Help Build Your Business

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Best sales and marketing blogs to read for business person

Most business have a marketing strategy while some don't, those that have a marketing strategy might be finding it hard to implement, execute or they might not be productive as expected with low or zero sales.

Are you in such category?

Not to worry, i have complied 10 Best sales and marketing solution blogs for you. This blog highlight solutions to sales and marketing ranging from Sales and Market Development, Customer Relationship, Self-Development, Sales Training, Attention-grabbing emails, Videos, eBooks and Podcast.

These solutions are meant for Salesperson, Sales Managers, Executives, B2B, Marketers, Professionals, Sales rep, Startup Leaders and lots more.

Let's kick start on the lists of best sales and marketing solution blogs.

Suitable For: Salesperson, Manager

Jill Konrath's sales blog
Jill Konrath


Jill Konrath is frequent speaker at sale conferences and kick off meeting. She is the author of three best-selling award books. Her clients include IBM, GE, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Staples and numerous mid-market firms.

Her post frequently includes stories from her life which makes them engaging. She’s an expert when it comes to navigating complex sales, making prospect lives easier and increasing efficiently.

Suitable For: Managers, Executives, Salesperson, Sales Professional

Sandler Training Blog
Sandler Training


Sandler Training is an ongoing blog because they incorporate advice for every type of sale professional, manager, executives, salesperson.

Their sales training blog post covers examples and sample messaging, which makes it an interesting sales blog and that can be put into actions.

Categories of topics covered by Sandler Training Blog:

  • Customer Relationship

  • Management & Leadership

  • Professional Development

  • Prospecting & Qualifying

  • Sales Process and

  • Self-Development

Suitable For: Salesperson, Sales Professional, B2B

Sales Gravy blog
Sales Gravy


Sales Gravy is founded by Jeb Blount’s. He is one of the foremost experts on prospecting.Sales Gravy is the most visited sales specific website and they cover aspects such as Sales training, Sales podcasting (the most downloaded sales podcast in history, more than 12 million downloads), Sales consulting, Sales job, Sales assessment, Sales store & Sales video.

They also cover “Women in Sales” – Focused on the women face in the sales profession.

Suitable For: Sales rep and Managers

Salesfolk blog


Crafting an attention-grabbing message can be difficult even for top sales pros. Heather Morgan’s blog is an excellent source of examples, straightforward suggestions and fresh ideas on crafting attention-grabbing email for your business.

Salesfolk has a team of seasoned experts that write cold emails that helps B2B sales and marketing organization start conversation with their future customers

. Salesfolk is an organization you’d want to help write your email for better conversion.

Suitable For: Salesperson

JBarrows Sales and training blog


JBarrows is founder by John Barrows. With his sales advice and stories from his days as a salesperson and current role as a sale trainer, JBarrows posts are both engaging and memorable.

You’d learn how to improve your own narrative skills and how to give better presentation, address common objections and lot more.

JBarrow has trained lots of salespeople for the world’s leading companies. It's a go-go for sales training.

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Suitable For: Salesperson, Managers, Executives and Inbound Sales Professionals



Hubspot has a lot of inbound marketing strategy. They publish content for and from the industry’s leading experts. Their blog trend covers both sales and marketing.

Their blog is one of the best, if not the best inbound marketing solution

Suitable For: B2B, Sales Professionals, Managers and Executive

Sales Hacker's Blog
Sales Hacker


Sales Hacker consistently publishes new articles usually between 2 to 3 days. Their blog posts are usually in this category:

  • Sales & Market Development

  • Sales & Account Executives

  • Customer Success

  • Sales

  • Sales Leadership

Its content ranges from blog post and eBooks to webinars, videos and more.

Suitable For: Sales Professionals, Marketers, Inbound salesperson

Heinz Marketing Blog
Heinz Marketing


Heiz Marketing publishes content on a daily basis with topics on sales and marketing insight.

Contents ranging from engaging your prospects to filling your pipeline and creating an effective content strategy.

Suitable For: Sales Rep



Sales Solution blog is a LinkedIn sales blog that focuses on sales strategy and social selling tips. Sales solutions offers the latest social selling news and techniques.

Suitable For: Sales Manager, Executive, Startup-leaders

CloserIQ Blog


CloserIQ Blog provides plenty of guidance on skills your candidates should possess, how to identify top talent and how to manage a successful team.

The blog features sales leaders from the community to share their unique perspective and insights with our audiences.

CloseIQ is also a sale recruitment platform.


Every element discussed in these various sales and marketing solution blog post can help give your business a edge and improve sales.

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