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7 Ways to Create an Engaging Social Media Channel

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

7 ways to create engaging social media channel

Social media has past the era of "Oh! this is a great content, let me drop it on social media and i should get likes and shares".

Creating contents for your social media channel is not just enough to drive audience to your channel. But with these best practices you would be able to create an engaging social media channel.

This is why you should effectively use social media for your business objective.

  • Facebook has over 1 billion Users

  • Instagram has over 600 million active users

  • Twitter has over 400 million active users

  • LinkedIn has over 300 million active users.

These numbers are not just mere speculations. They are actual unique audience and it's very good to effectively tap into it, and this is what many social media agencies incorporate in their marketing strategy. So, let's look at the best practices to get an engaging channel.

1. Great Content Writing


Focus more on good engaging content i.e. Great content writing such as 

  • Starting with a good hook that clearly explains to the reader what they can expect. A great hook or opening sentence is important to draw people in. This could be in form of statistic like "60% of people say owing a dog makes them happier" or a question like "Are you up to date with the latest in puppy fashion"

  • Make your content unique, interesting and exciting i.e. more pictures and videos.

  • Try not to be too sale-ly rather engage your audience.

2. Share Reviews and Testimonials

There is nothing better than happy customers. Many people would love to see reviews before they purchase your product.

So, share reviews, testimonials on your social channels.

Research shows that 88% of online users users rely on product or service review before attempting to purchase.

Ask your happy customers for reviews and testimonial and then share it on your social channel.

3. Incorporate CTA

CTA - Call To Action. These are actions you want your audience to make such as "Buy now","Contact Today" , "Learn More" , " Sign Up" and lot more.

Apply Call To Action In Social Media

They are a great way to show your audience that you want them to perform this specific action and have a sense of what the channel is all about.

4. Use Hashtag

Hashtag has become a powerful social media trend tool. It helps for more visible, allows you to connect with users and find relevant content.

Apply hashtag on social media posts

The history of hashtag is dated far back as of 2007 by twitter. And is a very effective tool for all social media platform now.

Some quick tips:

  • Keep your hashtags concise, relevant, and conversational.

  • Don’t use spaces or punctuation.

  • Don’t use too many hashtags in one tweet.

5. Content Research

Running out of content? or don't know how to create a good hook (title) based on your audience search query?

Then you can:

  • Try researching your competitors to see what topics they cover when it's becoming tough to create content regularly for inspiration.

  • Use Google keyword planner as a content avenue.

Content research is beneficial to keep your channel running so as to create an engaging channel.

6. Apply Effective Content Marketing

These are some effective content marketing practices:

  1.  Answering your audience questions

  2.  Providing something of value and 

  3.  Keeping them wanting more.

More tips include:

  • Taking time to know your audience better, look at which other account they follow on social media to get a sense of their likes and interest.

  • Experiment to find the best type of content for reaching your audience and don't be afraid to use multiple format.

  • For each social media platforms you have, chose the right place to publish your content on these platform and make sure you're talking directly to your audience.

  • Throw away the business speak and stock responses and practice natural language to interact with your audience. 

7. Do Advertisement

Advertisement is not necessarily a way to create an engaging social media content. Rather it helps to increase your reach online, which then helps the above 4 listed ways to create audience that would engage with your social media channel.

Important Takeaway Note: In social media, if you're a business, remember that anyone that follows you is already interested in you. There's no need to aggressively sell. Just focus on providing a good experience and keeping their attention.

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