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10 Ways to Promote Your Music in Nigeria

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

10 ways to promote your music in Nigeria

We would discuss 10 ways to promote your music in Nigeria. The Nigeria music industry is growing rapidly and the style of music is changing. But as an upcoming artist in Nigeria, there are ways you can promote your song without breaking the bank - spending too much and still get your music heard by your fans.

The first step in promoting your music is to treat your music like a business. This is something many upcoming artists fail to do, to treat their music as a business. If you aren't treating your music as a business, then after reading these ways to promote your music, you sure would take promotion seriously.

So without wasting much time let's dive into the 10 ways of promoting your music in Nigeria

Ways to Promote Your Music in Nigeria

  • Produce Good Music

This is the number key to promoting your music. If you don't produce good music content then the following ways to promote your song won't be necessary.

It doesn't matter how successful you are as a musician, or as an upcoming artist. In order to stay relevant in the music industry, you have to go with what the masses are into. This doesn't mean you should change your sound or copy others, in fact, it would help you more or less if you didn't.

However, what is important is that you reach the masses, and that is by producing good music one that would have the fans love you and want more from you.

Keep in mind, you might not be able to produce a song that would go viral yet, the most important thing is to keep producing good music, then every other effort you put in promoting your song would be fruitful.

  • Make Your Song Free for Download

We have seen artists whose first taught is to make money from their music. This isn't a bad thing but it's just isn't the right strategy if you want to make it in the Nigerian industry.

The first step is to grow your fan-based which is necessary. But you would need to focus on producing good music content that people would love and then offering it for free.

While you distribute your songs to platforms where people can buy your song, it's also important to distribute your song where people can also get it for free. This is because people find it hard to buy something they haven't heard of or don't understand especially in Nigeria. So you have to make people love your music by giving it out for free at the moment.

Just like we highlighted at the intro, you need to treat your music like a business. Take the example of businesses, they give you their products for free when they are launching not only because they want you to taste it but so you can remember that they are in the market. So when next you come you would be more likely to buy because you have tasted or sample their product.

The same applies to your music, don't be in a haste to sell your music, rather offer it for free to get recognition first.

  • Social Media Promotion

Nigeria has an estimated population of 20 million users on Facebook & Instagram only. This goes to show the number of people who are active online and the number of potential fans you have to reach.

That's a huge number right! Yes, it is.

Social media promotion is now a common thing in the music industry, even the A list artists are also promoting their music through social media.

How then can you promote your music through social media?

One way is by posting Quality interesting content (pictures or videos) about your upcoming music, latest music, lifestyle regularly on your social media channel. This helps to keep your social media platforms updated and to keep your fans engaged.

Make sure the picture or video quality is clear

The next way is to promote your content. It is very important as an upcoming artist to promote your music, be it your upcoming music or your latest music. This can be done by running social media ads for your music in the form of pictures or videos. You can promote your latest music by running ads with your artwork or coming soon video as low as N5,000 as it helps you reach a new audience who might become fans.

  • Promote Your Song on Blogs

Music blogs are a great way to promote your song, try to promote your songs on popular music blogs in Nigeria as these blogs have high traffic and these can help your song get discovered when people come to download music on the platform.

Most music blogs in Nigeria offer interviews while some don't for upcoming artist, try to focus on music blog site that accepts interviews and also offer to promote your music on their social media platforms.

Make sure to go for music blogs that have high traffic to their blog. So that your music can be seen by others.

  • Attend Shows Regularly

Your music is a product, and you have to sell that product. One way to do so is to attend shows.

Attend shows like University shows, Radio Shows, Birthday Parties, Weddings, and a few others. While attending shows regularly, make sure to perform at most of the shows you attend.

Another way is to submit your song to DJ's when you attend shows even if you don't have the chance to perform, the DJ is more likely to play your song at other occasions if its a nice track.

Attending shows does not only help you showcase your music but also helps you to connect with people in the music industry who might have the potential of influencing your music.

  • Create and Promote Your Music Videos

As an upcoming artist, you need to create a music video for your latest track. You might say:

But I don't have the budget for that or I have a music video but its not superb as the ones the A-list artist does.

One thing you need to know is that you don't need to have a budget or create superb videos before you become recognized by your fans. If you don't have a budget for a music video, try using a phone with a quality camera, all that matters is that your video is creative enough.

Once you create a very creative music video and with a low budget. People would fall in love with the creativity and not the quality of the video, this is because we all are humans and understand when people are working hard to get there.

So an exciting, interesting and original music video has the potential to go viral online, even if the track isn't a hit

The next step is to promote your video on social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. Most importantly YouTube, create a YouTube video channel so your music video can be discovered by a large number of people. Because the main aim of YouTube is to watch videos, so your potential fans are on YouTube only to watch videos, and not to chat.

This way your music video can be seen by your potential fans.

  • Collaborate with Other Musicians

Collaboration is a really good way of promoting your song. When you collaborate with other musicians, their fans get to listen to your song and once they like it, they become your fans automatically.

If you don't have the budget to collaborate with top artists, collaborate with other upcoming artists who would be willing for collaboration, and as stated, if his/her fans love your music then they become your fans.

So work with an artist in a similar genre or with a similar fan base.

  • Use Trending Hashtags on Social Media

Hashtags have become a thing in the social media space. Using hashtags, you have the potential of been seen by other people who follow those hashtags.

For example, Twitter is known for its trending hashtags. Make use of those trending hashtags.

Give them the opportunity to find you (your music) first by using popular hashtags and also trending hashtags. Also, keep an eye out for hot music hashtags.

  • Promote Your Music through Email

Email promotion is another effective way of promoting your music. With email promotion, you would be able to inform people about your upcoming music or notify them that your music is out.

But I don't have enough email address - You might say

Yes, you might not have enough email addresses, but start with the few you have, because you are trying not to leave any table unturned meaning you want to make sure as many people as possible listen to your music.

Another way is to ask your friends and fans on your social media platforms to kindly submit their email so you update them on your next release.

Note, not everyone would be willing to do so, but the few who would drop their email addresses would be sufficient for promotion for the time been.

  • Market Yourself As a Business To Business Musicians

This is a very important part of an upcoming artist. Instead of focusing all your effort on trying to reach out to all your fans, focus more on trying to build a good relationship with other businesses.

You may be wondering what I really mean by this.

What I mean is you should spend good quality time with business people that can influence your music, such as event organizers, Radio OAPs, TV channels, DJs, musicians who are more established than you and few others.

Once you are able to create a good relationship with this type of business musician, you would be exposed to a much larger audience and within their audiences are people who will fit into your ideal fan base.

How To Promote Your Music Conclusion

As you can see, these ways to promote your music in Nigeria can be done without having a huge budget and still get results for your hard work.

As stated, you first have to treat your music as your business. And you need to keep trying various methods and platforms to see which works best for you.

When promoting your songs, you should set realistic Goals, as this would help you to stay focused rather than doing things randomly which eventually results in nothing.

If you want us to handle some of the things highlighted, we are glad to do so, we are a music promotion company in Nigeria that helps artists get exposure for their music.

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