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How to Sell Your Music Online in Nigeria

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

How to Sell Music Online - Music Distribution
How to Distribute Your Music in Nigeria

As a Nigerian artist or record label, you deserve to be rewarded for your creative (music) through royalties.

But the sad truth is many artist/record labels have been missing out on being able to get paid for their music.

There is good news, you can sell your music online in Nigeria through digital distribution platforms that will pay you for your music as an artist or record label.

Selling your music online in Nigeria is now a thing artist/record label are venturing into compared to the days where artist/record labels in Nigeria weren't able to sell their music online. They only offer it for free on top music blogs in Nigeria

As a music promotion company in Nigeria, we help artists/record labels to distribute their songs online and help you collect ALL necessary royalties.

However, since you are looking for ways to sell your music online, we would provide you with ways to do so.

So sit back and relax as we highlight the various platforms you can sell your music in Nigeria and how to distribute your music in Nigeria.

How to Sell Your Music Online in Nigeria

These are the various platforms you can distribute and sell your music online:


DITTO is a music distribution platform that allows Nigerian artists/record labels to distribute their songs on all major international platforms and then they pay artists their royalties when fans stream and buy their songs.

Ditto has helped to distribute many African artists such as our very own Tiwa Savage.

You only need to pay £19 per year to distribute unlimited music which is estimated N9,500 per year to distribute unlimited music.

This is a very good offer. Begin by clicking this link to visit the Ditto Website to begin


Distrokid is a very popular distribution platform that allows the artist in Nigeria to distribute their song easily.

An independent music distribution company, Distrokid has helped several artists to distribute to over 50+ streaming and downloading platforms worldwide. And can boast of helping artists collect billions of dollars in royalties for artists.

You only need $19.99 to upload unlimited albums/songs for a year on Distrokid.

Register now by clicking here [link] to begin

You also need to know that Distrokid also helps artists in Nigeria to place and sell their music on Tiktok which is now the trending social media platform.

One last thing about Distrokid when it comes to distribution, they boast of distributing your song 10-20X faster to various platforms than their competitors.

And you can distribute cover songs legally.

Sell Your Music on Distrokid Now

Music Diffusion

Music diffusion is a low-cost music distributor that allows independent artists and music labels to sell their music at a low cost.

Because of this, they regard themselves as the best music distribution platform for independent artists and music labels.

They offer various distribution plan, as low as €2.99 and €15.99 (unlimited) that equivalent to N1,400 and N9,000 (unlimited)

This is a good offer for an artist who currently wants to save some money for promotion.

Music diffusion also offers some unique music services such as artist website creation, iTunes verification, Spotify verification, and lots more.

Music diffusion also distributes to Tiktok, Shazam, YouTube Music, Boomplay, and all major stores you can think of.


Songcast Music is a digital music distribution company just like the 3 highlighted above. Songcast Music is a streamlined and affordable music distribution service where artists and labels can easily release music on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, Amazon Music, Napster, and MediaNet!

Songcast Music costs $9.99 per single and $19.99 per single that's Est. N4,500 per single and Est. N9,000 per album.

Sell Your Music on SongCast Music Now

As an artist/record label, you would need your music to be promoted, Songcast music offers such promotional services for artists just after they have distributed their music.

Distribute your music and sell now on Songcast Music.


As an artist, it is very important to distribute your music on the various international stores and streaming platforms, as they allow you to copyright your music while selling and making money from it.

You can now distribute your music online all by yourself without the help of a distribution company.

Make that money from your creative, because you deserve it. Sell your music online today by clicking on any of the links above based on the brand of your choice. Save this page by bookmarking it, so that you can easily come back later for more information or to get started.

Happy distribution.

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