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Law Firm SEO - Essential Guide to Growing Clients Base

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Law Firm SEO Guide

For a fact, every law firm has to grow their client base no matter how long they've been in business or the number of client they have worked with in the past.

As a firm, you would need a law firm SEO or any other form of online marketing which enables your firm to be visible to potential client when they are in search for your services.

As an attorney or law firm , you might have that beautiful bespoke website, but its not helping your firm by generating clients. You might be wondering what can you do to use your website to generate clients as your competitors are doing with their website. To ease your time on implementing various SEO techniques, request our SEO services so you can focus on attending to your clients

This law firm SEO guide would take you through the essential steps to take to help generate clients through search engines

  • Place Your Law Firm on Google's Local 3 Pack

Local 3 pack is originally referred to as Google My Business. Its where businesses appear on Google's search engine that provides direction and direct phone number to such business.

Organic SEO ranking for lawyers and law firm

Ranking on the local 3 pack, that is, the top 3 listing on Google My Business is very essential in generating leads, as many potential client are in need of your law firm's service and don't have that time to go through your website or the organic search ranking.

All you need to do to list your law firm on the local 3 pack is register on Google My Business and get enough reviews from past clients so as to have the opportunity to feature high on the local 3 pack.

  • List Your Law Firm Core Practice Area

Just as a doctor can't specialize in all fields of medicine so a lawyer or a law firm can't specialize in all fields in law, which applies to other forms of business. Listing your law firm's core area is very essential as it helps you target a niche audience for a particular service and potential client who knows what they really want would find your business easily.

Steps to take is to create list of core practice area your firm specializes in and if possible create separate "service content" for those core practice area, which helps your website SEO wise by ranking high for each practice area than a generalized site ranking on Google and it also helps clients quickly request for a service without guessing which service you offer.

  • Target Your Law Firm for Local SEO

Every businesses that offers products/services locally should optimize their business website for local SEO. This principle also applies to Law Firm, why is this so?

Local SEO helps businesses show up high locally on search engine, which means if a client in your area is in search for a law firm in your area/state, your website after been optimized for local search would show up once this search is made by that potential client in your area/state. And the benefit, you get quality traffic from a targeted audience from your locality and nationality.

  • Create Long Form Law Content

For your SEO to be effective you need to provide both content that answers your potential customers questions and engaging content that converts to leads.

But to help your content achieve those results, it has to be lengthy and engaging. Search engine which is Google loves long form content and ranks them higher than thin content.

Make your content 1500+ words above, to help better rank very high on search engine so as to achieve that result which is to either answer potential clients questions (providing solutions) or to convert clients to leads through your content marketing.

  • Answer Potential Client's Common Questions

Like we've discussed earlier, its essential to create long form content which serves as a purpose to your SEO's marketing campaign. A big way to convert leads through content marketing is to answer client's common questions.

As an attorney, lawyer or law firm you might have ideas of some common questions your clients seek for before they patronize your firm or during their service with you. These questions that are been asked by such client can also be answered on your business website (blog section) for other people in need of a solution to that particular or similar problem. keeping in mind your SEO practices to help them find that content of yours.

You could broaden your search to questions potential clients ask online and write a blog post (content) around that particular topic to help solve their problem.

Why Should You Bother Doing All This?

  • Its helps make you an authority in your field as people begin to trust you more based on the problem you solving for them - for free

  • People would be more attracted to your firm as they see you as a trusted and reliable source

  • Clients would be able to pay high for your service having that confident in mind you can get their work done

  • You could dominate the market

  • It would help your SEO ranking as Google loves a website full of rich, unique and engaging content

  • Include Case Studies

Including case studies on every service page not only tell potential clients about your past legal cases and its success story, it also help to build trust and confident in your site visitors which most times causes clients to turn to leads.

  • Link Pages Appropriately

Linking Pages on your website which is referred to as Internal Linking is every essential for your law firm SEO and most importantly your website visitor. How is this so?

Linking to pages or page from each page of your website helps your website visitors navigate easily and get to find the most important services they care for and it helps you also to preach (show) your most common requested service(s).

SEO wise, it helps search engine like Google also find content easily on your website and understands the behaviour of your website visitors so as to help your SEO effort which is for a better ranking locally or international

  • Include Keyword in Alt Tags and Meta Tags

As an attorney, lawyer or law firm there are ways you describe yourself that helps people understand at first sight what you are all about - lawyer. It could be in form of a title in your name such as "Barrister" "Advocate" "Solicitor" "Counselor" "Counselor-at-law"

All those title helps people identify you as a lawyer. Same applies to your website, you want people and search engine (Google) to understand what your website is all about. So you have to apply the following to your website

  • Apply Keyword to your website Heading - e.g. Best Law Firm in USA; the keyword we are trying to identify ourselves here is Law firm in USA

  • Apply Keyword to Alt tag - these are text you use to describe the images on your website, add text you want people to find you for e.g Top lawyers in Our law firm Nigeria; keyword we are targeting here is law firm Nigeria

  • Apply Keyword to Meta Tag - This include your title tag and meta description and are found in organic search result when client search for your services (law firm services). They describe what your business is all about. so its important to apply your targeted keywords in them

  • Add Social Media to Your Law Firm's SEO

SEO takes time before you start seeing results ranging from 3 - 6 months depending on your niches competition. While your SEO campaign is ongoing you can use social media marketing to your advantage, its a form of both Inbound and Outbound (advertisement aspect) marketing where you can effectively reach your targeted audience and where clients can find you also.

Social media for law firm and other form of business involves understanding your audience and then targeting them with promotional campaign which converts while your SEO campaign is still in place.

The earlier you begin implementing SEO for your law firm business, the better. Be sure to contact us for your law firm SEO campaign and don't forget to share this post for the benefit of others.

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