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We help customers rank higher in Google for Increase in Traffic, Leads & Sales

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Is your website generating leads and sales for you? Or do you plan on increasing your website traffic? Then you are at the right place. We at TAGET Media offers the best search engine optimization services for website. As an SEO Company in Nigeria, we do not just to rank high on search engine for our clients business websites but also to help generate leads and sales through our optimizations  We do all that by first consulting with you and then our SEO experts would come up with a marketing strategy on how to best make your website a money making machine. 



Local SEO will get you seen by thousands of local customers looking for your business online


Optimization of your website content and tags to help rank higher on search engines


We create content that attracts attention and drives quality traffic back to your money website


Let the search engine know about your website. We focus on quality link building to drive website traffic


We at TAGET Media are a digital marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria and a web design company in Lagos that specializes in Search engine optimization SEO Services with the aim of increasing your website traffic and converting that website traffic into customers through our marketing strategy such as conversion optimization.

As the best SEO company in Nigeria, we are committed to delivering top results and exceptional service that has made us one of the best SEO agencies. We assure transparent, ethical and result in oriented SEO services that keep you ahead of the competition.

You’re One Click Away From Better Rankings

Our SEO Services can help your business grow by focusing on three key areas:

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Our SEO agency applies effective SEO that actively propels your website up the search engine ranking. We make use of the latest tools, strategy, and trends to get your website to the very top of the Google search results page.

Quality Website Traffic

It starts with research and then determining the right keywords that generate a return on investment. Millions of people are actively searching through the net for products and services that they need. To ensure you are not left out, we would include your company website among the websites that appears when such search terms are made.

Measurable Result

You surely would need reports for your SEO campaign. Not to worry, our SEO agency in Lagos would evaluate your website with the help of web analytical tools to get reports on your website ranking, keyword ranking, visitors and website traffic and also lead generation and conversion. These reports are available to measure the success of your SEO campaign.

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Ready to Gain More Website Traffic?

Not Your Regular SEO Company in Nigeria

We Perform the Same Techniques

As an SEO Company, we have been able to drive thousands of traffic to various websites ranging from Real estate, Lottery website, farm website, media and communication, security and a few others. Currently, our TAGET Media website ranks for various search terms locally and nationally. Need proof? Search google for "Music Promotion Company in Nigeria". The same strategy, tools, and expertise will be used for your company to help you outrank your competitors on the search result page.

We Perform all SEO Services In-House

Unlike many SEO agencies and firms who will outsource your SEO campaign to third-party providers at a cheap rate for below an average optimization. Our SEO experts will handle the daily task of optimizing your website for best performance which makes it easier for better transparency.

We Incorporate other Google Ranking Factors

As an Lagos SEO company in Nigeria that keeps in mind the ranking factors of Google. We take into account these following when ranking and marketing your website: Social media marketing, pay per click. Our online marketing agency focus on marketing and brand exposure (Awareness) as a whole giving you a complete online marketing solution.

We have Affordable SEO Packages

Whatever SEO packages you are interested in, our SEO agency in Lagos offers a variety of packages and can be affordable for your business. Contact us for more info regarding our various SEO packages.

Want to Gain More Website Traffic?

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Our Proven SEO Agency Process

Phase 1: Defining and Understanding your business Objectives Clearly

The first step is, we would sit with you to better understand your business, its goals, and objectives which we would then tailor to the marketing campaign.

Phase 2: Analysing Your Business Website

The next step is to analyze your website. This is very important as it helps us determine areas we need to improve on your website for better search ranking. This Audit is the second process we would perform on your website.

Phase 3: Research & Strategy Development

Once your website is been audited, we then proceed to research your niche by developing a strategy that would help you outrank your competitors. Our SEO specialist performs this by researching the keywords that would drive traffic to your website and also performing conversion optimization which would help convert that organic traffic into leads (customers)

Phase 4: Setup

We would begin the SEO Setup which entails web analytic tracking tools, a dashboard, and business information. So we don't miss any bit of the optimization success.

Phase 5: Execution

Our SEO specialist would begin the on-site and off-site optimization which includes content optimization, keyword usage, link building, site architecture, and lots more.

Phase 6: On-Going Optimization

Here is where we provide an ongoing monthly optimization for higher search ranking which entails On-page optimization, consultation, link building, content creation, and blogging for the success of your company.

Higher Ranking Starts Here


Here are a few SEO case studies we have achieved for our clients in different industries.Home and Abroad


Few Keyword Ranking for Curvify Me in Canada

Fiteness for ladies Curvify me(1)_edited
Denim Underbust Corset Curvify Me(1)_edi
Mesh Corset Underburst Curvify Me(1)_edi


Few Local SEO Keyword Ranking for Divine Infinity College

Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 15-20-15 second
Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 15-21-02 school


SEO Keyword Ranking for Lotto9ja In Less Than 5 Months

The Lotterynigeria Search Result_edited.


Few SEO Keyword Ranking for Lotto9ja. Drove Over 8,000+Website Traffic In Less Than 4 Months

Play Lotto Online in Nigeria(1).png
Play Lotto Online in Nigeria(1).png
Online lotto games in Nigeria.png

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Service

Can You Guarantee First Page Ranking?

Yes, we Can! We have achieved first-page ranking for various keywords and niches. However, we ensure we follow Google's best practices to achieve this.

How Long Does It Take to See SEO Results?

This depends on the competitiveness of the keywords/industry. From our experience, it takes between 3-6 months to drive results. And it could take longer for a very more competitive keyword(s)

What Type of SEO Service Would You Be Performing?

There are three types of SEO which are: On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. These are the SEO Services our SEO team of expert would perform to drive results.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The Cost of SEO varies based on the industry and majorly the competitiveness of keywords you are trying to rank you. We would give a costing after evaluating your industry based on the keyword competitiveness.

How Do I Determine the SEO Service is Working?

A real-time reporting tool would be provided to you, where you can see reports of your rankings on Google. You also would be able to see the SEO result on the Google search page directly and lastly, we would provide an SEO report monthly

What is the ROI of SEO for My Business/Brand?

The ROI of SEO varies from one industry to the next. How valuable would it be to your business to come up as the top recommendation when your customers are searching for you? On average, we drive an ROI of 2,000%+ in a space of 1 year for our clients

Is SEO Service Different From Google Ads?

Yes, SEO is different from Google Ads. However, the difference is just limited to the way they bring traffic to the website. Google Ads is used for paid traffic generation, and SEO is for organic or unpaid traffic generation.

Higher Ranking Starts Here

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