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Benefits of Online Marketing for Small Businesses in Nigeria

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Benefits of Digital Marketing for businesses in Nigeria
Benefits of Digital Marketing

Do you own a business in Nigeria? If you’re a business owner in Nigeria and you are wondering whether to invest in online marketing for your business, you’ve come to the right place. The answer is yes, but how do you know we’re not just saying that because we a digital marketing agency?

Well, it's because we have seen the benefits of digital marketing first hand from our own experiences. And we have some data from our platform metrics to show you how our customers benefit from it.

Read on to understand the benefits of digital marketing for your business, the evidence that supports it, and tips for reaping those benefits and you would understand why traditional marketing is not really effective without digital marketing strategies.

Most small and medium business in Nigeria don't tap into digital marketing, probably because they feel it's not needed for their business or it would cost them money online, of which they fail to see the importance of digital marketing with their business and it's business potential.

Not to worry, we have highlighted the benefits of digital marketing, it's marketing strategy and complied with some results and data which would show you how fellow small and medium businesses are getting the most out of digital marketing and online advertisement while still leveraging other traditional forms of marketing.

Let's get started

General Benefits of Online Marketing

Connect with Customers

Connect with customers using online marketing

With online marketing, it's much easier to connect with customers as it equips online businesses with automatic, real-time, and highly efficient ways to connect with the people most likely to become customers. Meaning it's more easier to connect with people easily than you can when at your local store or office. And it's a good form of marketing business

Save Time

Digital Marketing Saves Time

With various known online advertisement platforms, you can collect data such as Google Analytics to measure your performance and optimize your campaigns. Unlike the aspect of your offline business (traditional form) you would need to begin getting data and imputing such before analyzing which is time consuming. But with digital marketing platforms its a different case, all data are readily available to you. You can then spend time on what’s working and spare yourself from what’s not which helps save time and money and result to high return on investment.

Scale Up

Online Marketing Scale businesses up

Numbers don’t lie. After you have gotten your data and you know what works, you can build on and expand on your most successful marketing strategies, amplifying your success which result in increase in sales and having a strong online presence. Which sometimes usually takes time to do when offline i.e. in traditional marketing.


Digital marketing helps in systematization

Digital marketing (online marketing) consists of many different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn e.t.c. Because they’re all online, they can be integrated with one another to form a system for your business which helps in Branding & Online Reputation.

Market All the Time

With online channels, your business can be marketing itself even while you’re sleeping. And that's a fact, because at our digital marketing agency we wake-up most time to see missed calls from last night from businesses needing our services. So with mobile marketing, customers can find and interact with your business wherever they are, whenever they want.

Of which with your traditional marketing (Offline), you won't be able to market your products or services all the time.

Benefits of Specific Online Marketing Channels

Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging started off as a personal platform or digital diary - the likes of Linda Ikeji. Individuals and influencers still use blogging in this same manner today, but most businesses also now use them for online marketing. A blog serves as a home for all of the information and expertise you have to offer your audience, which includes:

  • Relieves your main website pages from being too sufficient

  • Demonstrates expertise in your field

  • Builds trust with your audience and customers

  • Helps your website to get found by internet users searching for information related to your business.

Benefits of Social Media

Benefits of Social Media

Social media is a popular online marketing channel due to its cost (somewhat free), easy to use, and supports multimedia such as text, images, videos e.t.c. It has brought immense marketing benefits to businesses and can also do so to your business. A study from Facebook as seen in the picture below shows the importance of social media on local businesses. It's a slideshow, use the arrow button to view others

 With social media you can:

  • Build your brand identity and reputation - Branding

  • Improve your prospect and customer relationships - Customers and Sales

  • Increase the visibility of your website pages and blog posts - Online Presence

  • Expand your reach to a relevant audience - Brand Awareness

The Evidence

TAGET MEDIA has helped a new brand (Makeup brand) a small business to be precise grow on social media, having a huge ton of organic reach and 157% increase in call traffic. This is the power of social media marketing.

Benefits of Email

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing has been regarded as an "old School" form of marketing. But in reality, email marketing is still very effective despite its longevity in the online world. In fact, email is the most effective digital marketing channel today and an advantage of digital marketing. Through email marketing, you can:

  • Nurture leads according to their stage in your funnel

  • Get more in-store visitors by promoting coupons and sales

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Promote your content

Email accounts for the smallest percent increase in website traffic compared to blogging and social media, but this does not mean it is a less effective marketing channel. This information means that email marketing does work to drive traffic to your website, but improves traffic less than it does for blogging and social media.

Benefits of SEO

Every business be it small, medium or large needs to invest in search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to maximise organics traffic from search engines.

The top landing search engines are Google, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo.

If you run a business with a website and you are yet to optimize your website for search engine, then you are losing money every day your website is not optimized in the search engines. Why do we say so

  • People are searching for your products or services on search engines

  • SEO pulls in quality traffic

  • SEO traffic is more likely to convert

  • SEO increases sales and leads

  • It does not involve any paid advertising

  • Builds trust and credibility

  • It is a long term strategy

And so the list continues on the benefits of SEO, At TAGET Media we specialize in search engine optimization for businesses of all kind. We have also applied SEO for brands looking to optimize their videos online. As seen in the picture below we have helped small brand optimize their content to appear first on Google and YouTube search result page.

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How to Leverage the Benefits of Digital Marketing


Getting professional guidance — such as through a consultant, an agency, or other marketing service helps to increase the impact of each online marketing channel for your business. In our case, consultancy is an added feature of our Marketing services. Consultancy helps our customers to improve the success of their digital marketing efforts because we:

  • Are experienced in helping countless business owners and provide one-on-one, individualized guidance.

  • Spare you from time wasted by trial and error, as we've already learned a lot of the dos and dont’s

  • Make sense of your data so that we can compound your success

  • Help you integrate your digital marketing channels to work together

  • Educate and equip you so you can continue to grow your business

How to Get Started

If you’re looking to get set up with a TAGET Media Marketing Coach, click here.

Combine Blogging with Other Activities

How to Get Started

There are many ways to combine blogging with other online marketing channels. For example:

  • Promote your blog posts through social media posts and marketing emails.

  • Turn your blog posts into eBooks that website visitors can download in exchange for providing their email address.

  • Print out blog posts into physical guides you can hand out at events.

  • Insert calls to action or even contact forms in your top performing blog posts.

  • Start a blog subscriber list so readers can receive new posts in their inboxes.

Combine Social Media with Other Activities

How to get Started

Social media’s aforementioned makes it an easy online marketing channel to integrate with others. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Print out fan posts to hang on a fan wall in your physical location.

  • Promote your social media accounts in your marketing emails and on your website.

  • Include screenshots of posts from events in your email newsletters.

The data out there and the data we’ve found here is more than enough to suggest that not only does digital marketing work, but also that combining online marketing channels amplifies their benefits to your business.

There are many other forms of online marketing, such as review sites and directories, landing pages, and more, but if you’re just looking to get started, do so with a website, blog, social media, and email.

One last note: This doesn’t mean that print, direct mail, and other traditional forms of marketing are obsolete. Digital marketing has its own set of channels but can (and should) be used to supplement and optimize traditional marketing (offline marketing).

Kindly share this post if it was helpful.

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